Expert Commercial Roofing Solutions for Lima Businesses

Secure your business with Peake Roofing, Lima’s leading commercial roofing specialist. Whether it’s a new roof installation or repairing an existing one, our skilled team provides high-quality, durable roofing solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Experience seamless service designed to minimize disruption and maximize protection.


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Customized Roofing for Every Business Need

Every business is unique, and so are its roofing requirements. At Peake Roofing, we specialize in providing customized roofing solutions that cater to the diverse needs of Lima’s commercial sectors. From retail spaces to large industrial complexes, our expert team assesses your specific circumstances to recommend the best materials and methods. Our commitment to using the latest technology and sustainable materials ensures that your business benefits from a roof that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also long-lasting and energy-efficient.

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Quality work at an affordable price. Peake Roofing has done two of my homes and I’m satisfied. One other thing for all potential customers, Peake Roofing understands and respects the…

Scott Eder

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They used quality materials, they did a good clean up after the job and made sure I was satisfied with the finished result before leaving!

Kent Mccluer

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Advanced Solutions for Long-Term Performance

At Peake Roofing, we understand that commercial roofing demands resilience and longevity. Our team is trained in the latest roofing techniques, from thermal imaging for leak detection to advanced sealing technologies that enhance durability. We focus on providing solutions that not only meet but exceed industry standards, ensuring that your roofing investment is secure, sustainable, and capable of withstanding Lima’s varying climate conditions.

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Leading You Through Every Step
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Consultation and Inspection
Schedule a consultation to discuss your exterior project needs
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Detailed Proposal
You’ll receive a proposal that details the scope of work, materials, costs, and timelines, customized to your specific project requirements.
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Project Execution
Following your approval, we will start the project
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Quality Assurance and Follow-Up
The project wraps up with a thorough final inspection to ensure quality and your satisfaction.
Proactive Maintenance to Safeguard Your Investment

The longevity of a commercial roof is crucial for business operations. Peake Roofing offers comprehensive maintenance programs that are essential in extending the life of your roof and preventing costly disruptions. Our commercial roofing maintenance services include regular inspections, timely repairs, and preventative measures designed to keep your roof in optimal condition, thereby avoiding downtime and ensuring continuous protection for your business. We proudly serve a wide range of locations, including Cincinnati, Troy, and beyond in Ohio. To learn more about us and our full range of services, contact us today.

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Serving Cincinnati & Surrounding Areas

Need Answers? We're On Top Of It!

What types of commercial roofing systems do you install?

We install a variety of roofing systems including but not limited to flat roofs, metal roofing, and built-up roofing. Each system is selected based on its performance characteristics and suited to your specific building requirements.

We plan each project meticulously, scheduling work to avoid disrupting your business operations. Our teams are trained to work efficiently and cleanly, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.

Yes, our team has extensive experience in managing and executing large-scale commercial roofing projects. We ensure every project is completed on time, within budget, and meets all safety regulations.

We recommend at least bi-annual inspections to catch potential issues early. Regular inspections are key to maintaining your roof’s integrity and functional lifespan.