Comprehensive Commercial Roofing Services in Troy, OH

At Peake Roofing, we bring years of specialized expertise to every commercial roofing project in Troy. Whether your property demands a robust new roof installation, a meticulously executed repair, or a full-scale replacement, our professional team is equipped to deliver. We understand the nuances of commercial roofing requirements across diverse industries, ensuring that every solution we provide enhances both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your business premises. Trust us to implement roofing systems that stand the test of time, weather, and industry demands.


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Tailored Roofing Systems Designed for Every Business Sector

Peake Roofing excels in creating customized roofing solutions tailored to the unique needs of various business sectors in Troy. Whether your focus is on maximizing retail space attractiveness or ensuring the integrity of high-capacity industrial complexes, we have the expertise to deliver. Our approach involves a thorough consultation to understand your specific requirements, followed by the deployment of high-quality materials like modified bitumen, metal, or environmentally friendly green roofing, each chosen to optimize performance and durability.

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Quality work at an affordable price. Peake Roofing has done two of my homes and I’m satisfied. One other thing for all potential customers, Peake Roofing understands and respects the…

Scott Eder

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They used quality materials, they did a good clean up after the job and made sure I was satisfied with the finished result before leaving!

Kent Mccluer

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Incorporating Cutting-Edge Roofing Technology for Supreme Longevity

At Peake Roofing, we incorporate the latest advancements in roofing technology to offer solutions that are not only effective but innovative. Specializing in thermal imaging for precise leak detection, energy-efficient reflective coatings that reduce cooling costs, and robust custom-fabricated metal roofing systems, we ensure your commercial roofing investment is sound, secure, and built to last under the challenging conditions of Troy’s climate.

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Leading You Through Every Step
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Consultation and Inspection
Schedule a consultation to discuss your exterior project needs
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Detailed Proposal
You’ll receive a proposal that details the scope of work, materials, costs, and timelines, customized to your specific project requirements.
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Project Execution
Following your approval, we will start the project
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Quality Assurance and Follow-Up
The project wraps up with a thorough final inspection to ensure quality and your satisfaction.

Embracing Sustainability with Advanced Eco-Friendly Roofing Options in Troy, OH

Peake Roofing is dedicated to supporting Troy businesses in achieving their environmental goals through sustainable roofing solutions. Our eco-friendly roofing options, such as vegetative roofs, cool roofs, and solar panel-ready installations, not only minimize environmental impact but also provide significant operational cost savings. These green solutions contribute to your company’s sustainability objectives while enhancing the building’s energy efficiency and providing aesthetically pleasing green spaces that improve air quality and biodiversity.

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What considerations go into choosing the right roofing material for my business?

Factors include your building’s architectural style, roof slope, load-bearing capacity, and specific climate challenges. Our experts help weigh these aspects to choose materials that offer longevity, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

Our experienced team is adept at managing unforeseen issues swiftly and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. We communicate transparently throughout the project, so you are always informed and involved in decision-making.

Yes, our roofing systems are designed with durability in mind, tailored to withstand the variable weather conditions typical of the Troy area, from heavy snowfall to high winds and intense summer heat.